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CurlCase® by Wear YourCurls®

CurlCase® by Wear YourCurls®

Felisha Rodriguez 850 Views
This idea was a winner! Felisha Rodriguez was awarded $25,000 in June 2021

About Idea

What is most exiting to me about the CurlCase is how much current customers are loving it. It is currently a 5-star rated hair care product that truly removes lengthy morning hair routines from your schedule. So many have told me that they now wear their hair naturally curly because of the CurlCase. You style your hair once and are able to wear the style for days.

The only “competing” products are satin bonnets and hair wraps. These do not work because they will flatten one side of your hair (the side you sleep on), you lose volume, they come off sometimes while you sleep, and they ruin the curl pattern sometimes which means the next morning you will have to redo your hair (curly hair is not one that should be touched on a daily basis).

The current roadblock is being able to bring awareness to the CurlCase being that it is new to the natural hair community. Capital that can go into advertising (especially on social media) and quality content will help me get around this .


About 60% of the world’s population has naturally curly hair. The CurlCase is for every child, teen, and adult out there who wants to love and wear their natural hair but is not sure how to because they were never taught to embrace it and were told, or made to feel that wearing it natural did not look best. It is for parents of biracial children who although they may love their child’s hair, have no clue how to maintain it and find it difficult to style it. Anyone needing shorter hair routines.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The goal is to get the CurlCase into large retail stores. Part of $25,000 grant would go towards getting the new CurlCase design patented. Also, to get an additional professional grade heat press machine so that they can be made at 2x the current speed. I will acquire an additional permanent part-time employee in order to make/package them at a higher volume. Additionally, I would get an actual facility/warehouse to work out of. And to get models and a professional photographer for advertising.

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About Felisha Rodriguez

My family and I moved to MI from NYC in 2000. I officially consider Grand Rapids home and am proud to call myself a Michigander. I love GR and enjoy exploring the city to find cool and new places to make lasting memories with friends + family. I am very enthusiastic about the things I believe in and passionate about things that I feel will make a difference in someone's life. That is how Wear Your Curls and the CurlCase came to be. Just one curly head trying to encourage and empower another.