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D2D Detailing

D2D Detailing

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The most exciting aspect of this idea to us is that we have already tried this idea out and it works. People love a clean car, but they don’t have time to bring it in and leave it for a day or two at a shop. We are also very different from our competitors because we do door to door canvassing along with working for dealerships as well. We are bringing the sales to the customer. Our major road block right now is the funding of a trailer setup so we can be more independent, especially if we are out in the middle of a parking lot of a hospital. With the help of Start Garden’s 5x5 night, we can make this dream come true.


The biggest beneficiaries we believe will be families, medical workers, fleets, dealerships, and everyday people who have a busy schedule or just want to sleep in on Saturday. Another group that we would help is Uber drivers who need an emergency cleaning in between customers. By being able to order a detail or car wash just as you would a pizza can give people more time to enjoy the road or with family or work. The real potential could be on the scale of Uber and that is what we want.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the $5,000 we would setup a small trailer with more mobile detailing options such as a generator, 200 gallon water tank, and a efficient power washer ($1,500). We would also invest in a user friendly application so customers can schedule and pay for their detail ($2,000-$2500??). Smaller purchases would include more kindles with canvassing software which would allow us to expand our sales team.

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Devin and I are both biology students at Grand Valley State University. Devin graduates next semester and I have two more left. Devin has a military background in the Navy doing logistics and I have been working on marketing, sales, and project management through consulting. I opened up a detail service and started detailing professionally with Sunroof Guy in Grand Rapids last year for dealerships and retail. I've been doing detailing as a hobby for the last 12 years.

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