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DAC Baseball

DAC Baseball

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DAC Baseball will provide the following services:
1) Athlete Evaluations: Where are they at right now? What area of their game needs the most improvement?
2) Training Logs: Where we cover all aspects of the athletes’ training needs. Think of it like a daily planner for the athlete.
3) Support: Each month they will receive an updated program, targeting the aspect most important to their development.

There are currently no competitors that provide the in-depth service that DAC Baseball will/does provide, while being an online-based business. More & more we’re moving towards virtual based services. I plan to be a leader of those services in the baseball training community. With our already developed evaluation sheets, training logs, & communication system in place, now is the time for DAC to get ahead of our competitors. As we progress, more and more of our competitors will realize the opportunity of going remote. It is vital that we get ahead, and stay ahead, of that curve.


The greatest impact of this idea will be on the trainees themselves. Brick and mortar training facilities, while beneficial, have a lot of overhead costs. As a result, the owners of these businesses must charge more for their services. The beauty of going remote is that those overhead costs are virtually gone. This allows us to provide the same level of service, but at a much lower price. As a result, we will be able to target a much wider range of athletes, resulting in a greater impact.

What I Will Do With $5,000

- $500-$800 website improvements (I built the one I currently use)
- $800 put towards the EPOC+ (baseball vision research)
- $1068 towards EPOC PRO software (baseball vision research)
-$500 baseball events/conventions (continued education)
-$1000 Tai Lopez Mentorship Program
-$200 books (continued ed.)
-$1432 TPI Certification - $1000 for cert. $432 for travel expense (TPI is leading the world in golf/baseball research. This certification instantly boosts my credibility as a trainer).

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About Brady Volmering

I am a 22 year old business owner who wants to make a significant contribution to the baseball community. I grew up and went to high school in Harbor Beach, MI, and graduated in the spring of 2018 from Cornerstone University with a degree in exercise science. My focus moving forward is to continue building my business and improving the process of training baseball players.

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