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DanceSpire Apprenticeship

DanceSpire Apprenticeship

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About Idea

DanceSpire Apprenticeship is our idea.

Think of trade school but for hip hop culture and urban dance. There is little to no structure around becoming a teacher in hip hop culture and choreography dance currently and dance degrees are REALLY expensive. We want to be an affordable alternative to a college degree school with emphasis on job training and placement. This will solve many issues for our industry: inconsistency in quality of teachers, standardized knowledge for young student dancers, cultural education that’s needed and wanted and many more issues!


There are many stakeholders who benefit from this idea!

Studios and Colleges across the nation have struggled with the increasing popularity of hip hop culture and urban dance and not knowing how to teach the subject, at best. At worst, they’ve even qualifying people for the job and having to rely on talent or the “next best option”. Schools and studios will benefit by being able to have a structured hip hop culture and urban dance program just as they do in other disciplines of dance.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will use the money for:

1,150 - 4 months of Curriculum delivery platform
750 - Marketing Materials for course
2,000 - 4 months of targeting advertising dollars
1,100 - coaching and sales contract work for management and growing program

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About Deavondre

Deavondre Jones, Founder of DanceSpire, is best known for his commitment and consistency behind the weekly drop-in class: #DropInWednesdays. DanceSpire is a dance company that does dance education through #DropInWednesdays, The DanceSpire Family and DanceSpire Studios. To follow any of his work you can Google, YouTube, FB or Instagram: "DanceSpire" (Website:

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