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DanceSpire Studios

DanceSpire Studios

Deavondre 1584 Views
This idea was a winner! was awarded $5,000 in June 2020

About Idea

WHAT’S MOST EXCITING: The collective impact of the dancers and dance studios in small town america. Most dancers believe they have to be in LA or New York for opportunities. By funding DanceSpire Studios the Midwest will have a platform that gives Chicago, GR and Detroit and the rest of the Midwest will become a 3rd virtual titan in the industry.

COMPETITION?: Both of our competitors (who will not get free advertising), per Pitchbook and other sources, have a total of 75 investors with a combine 10 million. One is in Series A funding and the other just graduated a start up accelerator in San Francisco late last year. 

Their strategy is big celebrity names and big money. Easy to scale. But..

Most dancers use dance an a tool of expression and a way to connect with others. Belonging to a community is number one for dancers. We’re helping dancers build their ideas, in their own communities. Network effects are easier to scale.


At minimum, 10,000 high school seniors will have the choice to continue to enjoy their passion for dance past graduation. 500 dance studios will have access to new streams of income, access to standardized hip hop education, and marketing and content production systems. We’re focusing on 17 cities in 25 states.

Our goal is to get 100 dancers and dance studios an extra source of income. In a very underdeveloped business ecosystem, this is an incredibly bold idea. 

What I Will Do With $5,000

As a SAAS product:

With an Average Rate Per User at $35, Churn Rate at 7.5%, Costumer acquisition cost at $85 and inflation at 3% (including overshooting hiring and marketing)

This puts us at a break-even point of 44 months and $74,664

We’ll use the 5,000 to:
- 6 months of development work ($1800)
- Education and coaching for founder and developer around product road map ($1,000)
- 4.25 months of content development and advertising spend ($2200 )

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About Deavondre

Deavondre Jones, Founder of DanceSpire, is best known for his commitment and consistency behind the weekly drop-in class: #DropInWednesdays. D.I.W. has become the most consistent drop in class in Michigan (175 Wednesdays straight). He's also the Director of the DanceSpire Family, a community based dance company. To follow his work just Google, YouTube, FB or Instagram: "DanceSpire"

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