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David McCormick Photography

David McCormick Photography

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I am a photographer who has a passion for creating compelling images that help other small and medium sized businesses promote their brand and tell a great story. My business helps plan and execute photoshoots that provide excellent value for my customers. Most businesses that contract photography work through marketing agencies can easily spend upwards of $10k to produce a single shoot. I deliver similar results to my customers for 1/10 of that cost. The way that I can offer lower prices is that I do most of the work myself with the help of a very small crew, and creative planning (my wife is often the stylist and production coordinator).


The services I offer can help improve the quality of marketing materials available to businesses that can’t afford to hire a full fledged ad agency. Small businesses can benefit from this idea because often their online profiles are lacking high quality photography.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The grant money will enable me to purchase a newer camera and 2 high end lenses, along with money to promote my business with targeted mailings and online ads.

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About David McCormick

I am a commercial photographer living in West Michigan. I specialize in product and lifestyle photography, and helping small and medium sized businesses achieve marketing excellence! My wife and I have four young children, and I work by day as a mechanical engineer.

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