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Deco light

Deco light

Trevor Scheidel 74 Views

The best part about this is it is marketable to everyone. Nobody like putting Christmas lights on the house it’s a pain,half the lights dont work and you have to untangle them and then take them down after the season is over. This is much safer because you don’t need to get on the roof and it so easy everyone would do it.
They have light projectors already but they just blast lights everywhere and don’t even look good.
Now changing from holiday to holiday is just as simple as picking new color scheme to project. Saves time money and most importantly its much safer. With you controlling where the lights go with the laser you can also write messages on the garage door.Happy birthday what ever your occasion might be.


Everyone benefits but older people especially because it’s so little work they can still effortlessly decorate there house. Insurance companies will love it because they won’t have to pay claims of people falling off ladders.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The 5000 dollars would be a great start to getting proper patents ,getting the legal process moving as well as product development

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