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DELASIE - Ready-to-Wear Summer Collection

DELASIE - Ready-to-Wear Summer Collection

Rhoda Klomega 3104 Views
This idea was a winner! was awarded $5,000 in April 2017

About Idea

Delasie is a fashion brand that specializes in ready-to-wear and custom made, ethical clothing and accessories that fuse both European fashion with African fashion and prints, with meaning. 
For the past few months, requests for our custom made clothing has been growing; demand for ready-to-wear clothing is growing quickly by our current clients and potential customers.
In order to meet the jump in demand and successfully launch a ready-to-wear collection, we need to purchase supplies to 50 pieces in 10 different designs. We would also push for more digital marketing especially in the menswear division because that’s the one area in which we publicize the least.
Lastly, in our quest to evolve into a tech company that provides fashion and crafts, Delasie will be reshaping the user experience through the use of our website. This means rebuilding our user interface experience that increases participation on the end of the user, which translates to sales.


Ready-to-wear items will meet the target market demand of both men and women who may find our custom designs too costly. It also serves as a re-branding path to creating clothing that can be worn daily compared to our current offering of African print clothing. Popularity in sales from the collection will set a pace for our local fashion show in July. Most importantly, because our service is primarily online based, it will begin to shape our path of being a tech firm providing fashion services.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The $5,000 will go towards the following:
Supplies and production of Summer Collection: $3,000
Trademark, Digital/Print Campaigns, Photography/Videography: $1000
Upgrade website: $1,000

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About Rhoda Klomega

In my very little spare time when I'm not sewing or pursuing my degree from GVSU's Computing & Information Systems school, I enjoy reading, watching shows with fashion forward characters (Hey Olivia Pope!). Born in Ghana, I proudly represent my culture and worldly travels in every facet of my life's journey. My friends, family, and faith are my support system. My SpringGR business coaches are the best. My life’s purpose: make people happy & inspire them to live and walk in their purpose.

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