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Dependable Barter

Dependable Barter

Alicia McKinney 99 Views

Who doesn’t love saving money? There are many small businesses that fail within the first couple years of operation because of financial hardships and getting in way over their heads. There aren’t many competitors in this market that cater specifically to small business owners. Bartering is a system that can help business sales increase and tap into new markets all while conserving cash flow.


Small businesses would benefit most while boosting the economy in the communities that they serve. Small businesses fail at times for things that are unforeseen, with the business bartering system businesses would not only survive but they will also thrive while bringing revenue and possible jobs to the communities served.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The money would be used toward the development of the application and website. Application development ranges between $5000-$50,000. I want to create an app that is easily accessible and user friendly.

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About Alicia McKinney

I am a mother of 3 beautiful little girls. I am also a nurse at the VA Medical Center serving our nations veterans because they chose to serve us. I have started the processing of owning and operating my own home health company and this is when I thought of the idea.

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