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Detroit Hives: Urban Bee Farm

Detroit Hives: Urban Bee Farm

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Here’s the Juice.  Our project not only can lessen your allergies, eliminate blight/vacant lots in the city of Detroit, but preserve the life of honey bees. Unlike others we will be working with local Detroit vendors such as The Black Bottom Brewery, Detroit Soup, Seva Detroit and Local Homeless shelter to provide a sweet, raw, local grown honey that can be used as a medicinal product.  Through the power of immunotherapy, our honey bees will be able to pollinate from all of the local urban gardens in Detroit as well as extract pollen from ragweeds found in vacant Detroit fields.  Our urban bee farms will be operated by members of the Southeastern Michigan Beekeepers Association as well as members of the Garden Resource Program of Detroit.


Detroit Hives: Urban Bee Farms will help benefit honey bees, allergy sufferers, The city of Detroit, local small businesses, local urban gardens and last but not least, the surrounding community.  There is a drastic decline in the bee population worldwide and our project helps fill that gap. We’re community partners with the Detroit Land Bank, we solve the blight/vacant lot issues in Detroit. Vacant lots contain ragweeds, through immunotherapy our honey bees create honey that heals allergies.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Our project contains a very low overhead. With your generous donation of $5,000 dollars, we will able to purchase a wooden fence to surround our urban garden, four Flow™ Beehives. The Flow™ Beehive is unlike any other bee hive. It allows us to extract honey without disturbing, hurting or killing bees. A Flow™ Hive starts at $699 plus shipping. At this moment we have The Black Bottom Brewery who wants to buy all of our honey to infuse it with a locally brewed beer right here in Detroit.

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