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Our design gives total flexible control throughout the cushion.  It allows for maximum modification of pressure points, increases blood flow, and controls the temperature and humidity to the patient. 
There are over 30 different pads and cushions on the market.  None of them solves the bed sore problem.
The components used in our design is expensive, but the money saved would justify the extra expense. An increase in the volume of cushions manufactured would reduce the price.
We have already worked with manufacturers on how to accomplish the control of the individual modules.


Patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and homebound individuals would benefit. 
They will be free from a bed sore pain and recover from their illness more quickly. 
There is an unlimited market for our product.  Nursing homes and hospitals throughout the country would be our prime customers.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will start the legal action to obtain a patent.
We need to produce a basic concept prototype.
We would also test the prototype and finalize the design.

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About Charles Clevenger

Education: Indiana Institute of Technology - BSME - Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Michigan State University - MBA - Master of Business Administration For many years, Chuck T. Clevenger has been an independent inventor and manufacturer of cooling units for heart machines, respiratory disposables, surgical saw blades, and many more products in the medical industry. Now he has a team to design and produce a Digital Medical Cushion to eliminate bed sores.

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