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Diversion Health VR

Diversion Health VR

Yakem Kurban 285 Views

Diversion Health VR takes patients in an uncomfortable, inpatient hospital setting and drop them into a tropical beach, their favorite theme park or at home with their loved ones using virtual reality technology. I will use the money from 5x5 Night to build a mobile gaming PC, purchase VR equipment and buy commercial VR experiences licenses. I will lease the VR experience bundle to hospitals. The bundle includes the VR equipment, curated experiences and tech support. There are plenty of research that conclude VR can help with pain management and distraction. This can increase patient satisfaction and lessen the use of opoids. I work as an IT project manager in Grand Rapids and I focus on solutions that impact provider and patient experiences in the healthcare settings. Grand Rapids is a HUB for quality healthcare in Michigan, Diversion Health VR will accelerate the growth for the best patient experience in, not just West Michigan but throughout the state.


Both hospitals and patients will be positively impacted by my tech solution. Hospitals will see an increase in patient experience (i.e CAHPS scores) and less use of Opoids by their providers. Patients will be impacted by better experience in the hospital settings and less impact from opoid use.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I have, already, purchased the main technology that will drive my business—built my own gaming PC and VR headset. I need additional funds to buy two additional VR headsets, a new graphics processor, commerical licenses for the VR experiences, and web build.
Headsets: ~$2000
Graphics processor: ~1500
Experience Commercial Licenses : ~1000
Web Build Out (web, domain, and hosting): ~500

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About Yakem Kurban

Yakem is a Project Manager in the healthcare and technology space, with experience managing multi-million dollar innovative healthcare technology products. Yakem is fueled by his passion for innovative technology that can positively impact society. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in economics and entrepreneurship and stay in tune with the latest technology trends in the healthcare space.

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