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Dolly’s Delights

Dolly’s Delights

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The most exciting thing about my idea would be the creativity, time, and effort I place into each custom order. Whatever the request, the customer and I work together to form an idea. I enjoy baking fresh sweets daily, we have regular community favorites on our menu which tend to fly off shelves! I offer a custom cake selection which has been very popular lately! No two cakes are the same! I make accommodations and create a unique experience and unforgettable moment on their special day. I offer unlimited options different from competitors. One major plus is the choice of delivery or pickup, which gives my customers more flexibility with their time and time allows for other things to be done for their events.  Dolly’s Delights provides exceptional customer service and stands on delivering a great product! I take pride in the personal care I give to each order from initial contact, baking, delivery and also a follow up on the service! Roadblocks for me are time, space and resources


The community will benefit from my idea by giving a positive and inviting atmosphere served with delightful desserts! There will be opportunity to engage, connect and support others. I offer delivery or pick up services now but when in location my customer will be able to come in and get a loving feel for who’s making their order. The different options given allows for my customer to receive exactly what they like and how they like it. I accept last minute orders and special requests!

What I Will Do With $5,000

Investing 100% into Dolly’s Delights! Over the past year business has progressed very well and I have been taking on many more orders. I will use funds for licensing in the state of Michigan and also rental commercial kitchen space at the Downtown Market. After securing my spot in the commercial kitchen, access funds will be used to pay lease on a retail space to open up Dolly’s Delights first storefront bakery or pop up shop and delivery services

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About Stephanie Dolly

I am a 30 yr old single parent of two beautiful children who motivates this mission daily! Aspiring to be my own Boss completely and owning a successful business that brings purpose to the world! I enjoy baking, serving and caring for others. My faith is Christian based and I believe I’m walking in Gods purpose by showcasing and using the talents and tools he’s given me!

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