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Don’t Drink & Drive - Liquor Delivery

Don’t Drink & Drive - Liquor Delivery

Rodney Lyons 226 Views

The most exciting thing about my idea is that it brings safety to our community. Its plenty of times where friends and family get together for a gathering and may run out of whatever they’re drinking and someone that’s been drinking goes out and get more. With this service it will cut down on drunk driving by allowing people to purchase whatever they need and have it delivered to them same day. The way that my idea differs from other business similar to mines is that you normally have to order in advance and schedule a specific date. With my idea you can order in advance or same day. With delivery of alcohol it’s a few obvious road blocks. We will definitely be able to get around those road blocks by having the customer agree to terms and conditions on the app as well as online. You will also have to present your ID at the time of delivery.


Our city will benefit from this idea by keeping our roads safe. Lives will change by decreasing the amount of drivers who feel that they are not drunk and still get behind the wheel. This idea will promote safety and responsibility and potentially decrease the amount of people who drink and drive on a daily basis.

What I Will Do With $5,000

This grant will be used to start an app for both android and I phone. Within the app you’ll be able to view local inventory from stores, verify your age, make payment, and you’ll also be able to see once your order has left the store with an estimated time of arrival.

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About Rodney Lyons

I'm entrepreneur born and raised in Grand Rapids MI. A father of two looking to build a better future for my kids as well as keeping the community safe.

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