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Donut Garden

Donut Garden

Jordyn Pascucci 367 Views

We believe everyone deserves a donut, regardless of allergies or dietary choices. At Donut Garden, we serve up 100% vegan donuts, free from eggs and dairy. All of our donuts are yeast raised, making them perfectly light and airy; there’s nothing dense about these donuts.

Our goal upon launching is to offer donuts throughout the Grand Rapids area via partnerships with local businesses, pop up events, farmers markets, and through custom orders. The only thing holding us back right now is sourcing the finances to get us into the kitchen!


Bringing Donut Garden to Grand Rapids would allow our allergy conscious and vegan friends the chance to enjoy the donuts they desire. Because everyone deserves to bite into fluffy, fried pillows of sweet dough and lick sticky frosting from their fingers without worry of allergens or animal products.

What I Will Do With $5,000

2,550 for Equipment and Supplies (sheet pans, packaging materials, ingredients, business cards, etc.)
1,600 for 2 month’s rent in the Downtown Market’s Incubator Kitchen
850 for obtaining the necessary licensing and business insurance

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About Jordyn Pascucci

I’ve been embracing my sweet tooth for the past 25 years, and you can bet I’m teaching my 3 children to do the same! My favorite treats are a light and airy, glazed donut; warm chocolate chip cookies; and classic vanilla ice cream. My step daughter’s dairy allergy sparked our transition from vegetarian family to vegan two year ago, and we’ve never felt better!

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