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Downtown Muskegon Gaming Center

Downtown Muskegon Gaming Center

Kiel Reid 6703 Views

In Muskegon there are limited recreational activities in downtown that accommodates kids, teens and adults. These games have a broad appeal across multiple age groups and the local gaming store is where these people get together to enjoy these games together.

With a location on 3rd street we are right in between an up and coming downtown area as well as the local high school. Being able to provide these teens with a recreational activity space outside of school where they can enjoy these games together is essential. It helps to create a community while also providing a fun activity to enjoy.

Now our location needs work. It is being rebuilt from the ground up and whenever doing a renovation of that magnitude there will be challenges. By working with other local business owners, we can draw from their experience and over come those roadblocks.

Of course we need to make money too! By selling games and holding tournaments we will be able to sustain the location and continue to improve!


I feel at the end of the day, it will be local students and families who will benefit the most. The local gaming store is where many friendships are formed over the love of a hobby. It’s the great place to bring the family to enjoy some time together out of the house.

This has the potential to be a community hub that helps bridge some of the gaps between between people. Whether it be age, race, religion or politics, playing a game together can help bring people closer to each other.

What I Will Do With $5,000

For us the $5,000 will be spend on the play space itself. We have a 2nd floor in our building we are dedicating to public use. This money will go towards the many tables and chairs needed, as well as a collection of community games anyone can play free of charge.

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About Kiel Reid

I am a nerd entrepreneur. My first endeavor was the creation of Waypoint LARP, a live action roleplay game where people become medieval adventurers for a weekend. Over the past few years it has grown into a wonderful game with a great community. I grew up in downtown Muskegon, where I learned that you can turn a little into a lot if you are willing to put in the work. I'm getting ready for my next endeavor where I can do just that!

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