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Use of date-rape drugs like GHB, “roofies,” and others, is on the rise. Often, these drugs are slipped into drinks while unattended at bars and clubs, as well as parties. The device I am proposing sits on top and acts as a barrier as well as a tamper-evident device for your drink, so the user will know if someone has attempted to access it. If the device indicates tampering, the user can discard the drink away avoid potentially being drugged. Device can then be reset and reused.

Current solutions are based around chemical detection (color-changing straws and sticks) but are unreliable mostly due to the variety of substances which can be used, including alcohol.  My device will work regardless of substance used, as it only shows if the drink was tampered with, which could indicate drugging.

Largest roadblocks are relative unfamiliarity with developing hardware devices. I can get around these via education and collaboration with the industrial design and electronics community.


A study ( showed that 1 out of 13 students have been drugged. Another study by the CDC in 2014 estimated that nearly 22 million adult American women have experienced rape, and nearly half of those cases were alcohol or drug-facilitated rape.

Using the device could save lives and prevent tragedy, while also building awareness of the problem. It could be sold in bars and clubs, as well as liquor stores and online sales.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Begin prototyping, testing, and additional research.

$1000 - Consulting from engineers and industrial designers.
$2000 - Prototyping equipment such as a 3D printer and electronic supplies.
$500 - Focus groups and surveys.
$1000 - Software / hardware programming
$500 - Marketing and promotion

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About Tom Engelsman

I'm a UX/UI designer, product designer, and occasional DJ. I've worked in the visual design and web design industry for over 7 years, with companies both large and small. I also try to stay involved in local human-rights causes with a focus on gender issues, race, and income inequality. Lifelong fascination with product design and how things work.

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