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Drone Zone Air

Drone Zone Air

Dayshawn Lyons 138 Views

About Idea

What’s most exciting is the opportunity to impact the youth and provide early exposure into the STEM field in a fun and educational manner (emphasis on the fun). Drones also allow for natural social distancing since the focus is in the air and pilots don’t have to be close to one another.

Are services are for all ages, as we have special events like cash price race competitions where winner takes all.

There currently are no competitors in Michigan but an obvious roadblock is weather.  Luckily drones are often flown indoors and the experience can be just as fun.


The kids who participate benefit by interacting with a technology that will soon become essential in society. Parents benefit by allowing their children to safely have “high action” fun while social distancing. The community benefits as well because we will be connecting individuals through our events.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We have just secured our first contract with a children’s gym in Lansing. We need to acquire $2500 in drones.  Four different styles, 20 of each. 

$1500 For drone racing equipment/repair (outdoor and indoor) led light race rings, generator, Vision goggles, power cords, game material (nerf guns etc)

$500 for Promotional material and advertising (online and physical) Signs, cards, ads, website, posters, shirts etc.
$500 educational material on drones for the kids / and game prizes.

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About Dayshawn Lyons

I am a graduate of Michigan State University and have been in Lansing for over 7 years. I have a passion for working with the youth and positively impacting them. I’ve volunteered at the Haven House, The Fledge, and the Lansing Boys and Girls club. My degree is in Advertising Management and I’ve worked in corporate america since accepting my first job at my college internship. I am a determined go getter who doesn’t let obstacles knock them out the race.

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