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Drop-In Childcare

Drop-In Childcare

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Playcare is the common name give to facilities that focus primarily on learning through play. They are flexible, drop-in child care facilities that charge by the hour unlike traditional daycares that charge weekly tuition. This helps parents avoid paying for care they don’t use & provide a convenience for unexpected care needs. Playcare centers are licensed through and managed in the same fashion as traditional daycares. The staff is required to have the same training as well.

We will use three strategies to differentiate ourselves. The first is through
innovative STEM programs in which we promote child development through their
environment. The second will be safe, creative, and interactive play spaces. The third differentiating effort will be benchmarked customer service. A customer-centric philosophy will be infused within the entire organization. This is especially important because it is the staff that will interact with both the children and parents.


All parents would benefit from our programs. More specifically, dual income families that need extra time when juggling differing shifts, parents w/ nonstandard work hours or weekends. Our services would provide care in a safe environment, thus relieving stress associated with rushing to or from work, routine meetings, or long errands. Also families that need our services sporadically for last minute care when a babysitter cancels, date nights, after hours work meetings, parent’s day out, etc.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the $5,000 we plan to build a website.

We have reviewed several proposals & decided on a marketing firm that can help take our brand to the next level by creating a web presence. The website will allow current customers to book times in advance to ensure availability and new clients to submit paperwork to be registered. This will save time in the on boarding process. The website will also enable online payments & give parents the opportunity to add money to their “flex spending” accounts.

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About Brent Marsh

My name is Brent Marsh and I am the husband to a beautiful wife of 10 years, father to 3 of the best blessings God could ever give and a tenaciously driven entrepreneur. I have a full time consulting job that I leverage to fund my endeavors & support my family. My hobbies include building things from lego model cars to golf carts, riding bikes, traveling and spending time with family. I love being outdoors. I also spend free time following venture capitalist b/c that is what I want to be.

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