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Drop In Wednesdays - “Consistency Builds Momentum”

Drop In Wednesdays - “Consistency Builds Momentum”

Deavondre 1214 Views

The Drop In Wednesdays Community would like to host an A-list dance choreographer here in West Michigan! Have you seen those really cool dance videos while scrolling down your social media timelines? Yeah, we’ll like to bring that here to Grand Rapids! We’ve already created the brand and infrastructure needed for this idea to succeed. We just need your help add to the “momentum” we have built up until this point!

Drop In Wednesdays has uniquely positioned itself in the dance community and there aren’t any true “sole” competitors in this space within West Michigan. Roadblocks for this idea would be funding, space/location, consistency (a self imposed standard).
- With your help we could address the funding challenge!
- Space and location, we’re currently scouting and pricing options around Grand Rapids
- From our approach to our use of prize money, we’re positive we’ll be able to make this a sustainable idea :)


Imagine starting with an idea to have a consistent hip hop dance class and 5 people show your first few classes. 75 weeks later..
- This class has served over 400 people in over 15 cities in Michigan
- Developed into a leading brand that has attracted talent from all over the Midwest
- Resulted into a micro economy for artists and art enthusiasts

With our new idea, economic impact because of tourists, inspire more growth in the arts community and position GR as a culture leader in the Midwest

What I Will Do With $5,000

3000 for one (ideally two) nationally and/or internationally recognized choreographers
750 space rental
500 staffing crew
250 equipment rental
500 finding a funding mechanism for sustainability

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About Deavondre

- Originally from Benton Harbor, MI - Attended GRCC for Marketing - Graduated a Presidential Scholar from Columbia College Chicago - Currently works full time on DanceSpire and as an Marketing Consultant for multiple brands

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