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I’m so excited t express this idea because its a one of a kind idea and cant to many people I’m Grand Rapids say that they customize and repair sneakers / shoes and if a certain amount of people can say that the I bet cant a lot of people do it to a certain standard of quality and at the need of what fits the customers its real different from other competitors because most of the competition I’m going up against are big businesses or some type of food business or etc. but I can say I’m a proud confident business that’s doing everything from hand with a artistic skill and a love to do it , yea you can just go to a website like"” and get your shoes and apparel customized by a machine or you can get it done by a young inspired teen that will soon be to have team of young entrepreneurs of a artistically Fashion or shoe business in the inner city and that could be shipped worldwide right to your doorstep ,Remember ” You provide the shoe , I provide the paint ” or I can do both!


I benefit young teens because when a teen or even an adult asks for a custom they get to express there creativeness on a shoe so when I work m magic and paint and customize the shoe and give it back to them there amazed and surprised on how they words of ideas have been brought to life on a shoes and onto clothing .

What I Will Do With $5,000

If I’m able to win the $5,000 I will be buying more products and equipment for my business such as paint , brushes, Tape , Acetone ,Exacto knives , Dye , Glue , Glitter , Air Brushes ,Cloth , and etc. ad with all of that I will be able to double of the prize money from satisfying the customers when they call to get their shoes customized or restored . I will also work on getting connected with new people and also getting an official website made and published and used all around the world!!!!!

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About Duntarius Tate

I am CEO Founder of my own business DunDunCustoms , I am 16 years old and goes to Innovation Central and i to connect and show What i love to do on a shoe! I've been doing this for going on a year now and can't wait to expand it into something huge in the world!

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