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Earth Beat Kiboga

Earth Beat Kiboga

Jim Davis Kibira 318 Views

The declining soil fertility, land degradation and disappearance of natural tree cover in the Districts in western Uganda that resulted from deforestation for tobacco curing, poor farming practices such as monocropping, soil mining, unplanned human settlements, and rampant bush burning causing low yields of crops. This led to among other things stunted crops and hence, food and income insecurity, malnutrition and other health problems.
This problem, however, could be addressed through increasing biomass at soil surface through afforestation hence organic matter content of the soil through planting of Agroforestry trees that can grow well with crops and demonstrating to the communities other soil and water conservation practices such as contour ridging, mulching, recycling crop residues and controlled burning and if the above not done, then food insecurity will persist, low incomes, malnutrition and generally poor standards of living will continue.


 4 communities surrounding 4 primary schools Sensitized together with stakeholders on the relevance of Agroforestry
 Increased number of Agroforestry trees planted per every 100m2 areas as alley crops.
 sustainable soil fertility maintenance system created through demonstrations
 Crop yields increased every year from the biomass accumulation at the soil surface
 a continuous and sustainable source of wood fuel as the principle will be enabled

What I Will Do With $5,000

5000$ objectives
1. To sensitize stakeholders on the importance of Agroforestry
2. To form groups among communities in surrounding schools and train them in Agroforestry practices.
3. To distribute tree seedlings to organized members of the community who are willing to plant trees on their individual land.
Project activities
4. Organize radio programs for sensitization
5. Train communities in Agro forestry practices.
6. Distribute seedlings to interested individual members

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