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EazyVibes LLC

EazyVibes LLC

Richard Gray 247 Views

EazyVibes is making music production easier than ever. Everything is changing with technology, so we are creating a simplified way to produce music with the help of other artists online. Our main focus is to have a marketplace for artist to artist collaboration where everyone will benefit. Song writers and instrumental producers will be able to post their creations on our website (for free), allowing other artists to use in their music while the originators of the instrumentals and lyrics keep the rights to their creations and potentially earn a passive income source from royalties. Our closest competitors are Splice and SoundCloud, but they are only doing a fraction of our vision. Splice and SoundCloud offer beats and instrumentals for people to purchase, but do not have a place for artists to find lyrics. Our service will allow access to a surplus of instrumentals and lyrics in one easy to find location.

Fun fact, Elvis Presley recorded over 600 songs but wrote 0 of them.


Customers are our biggest concern, we are here to solve a problem. Everyone will have a much cheaper, smoother and simplified way to reach their end goal, producing a song. EazyVibes will be entering the global music industry which is valued at $17.3 billion and has been continuously growing at an annual rate of 8% for the past three years. The potential is enormous and continually increasing!

What I Will Do With $5,000

If EazyVibes was to receive the $5000 grant, that would allow us to start building the marketplace purchasing a mass amount of unused beats and lyrics. From there, we would start testing the service with our already interested customers and receive the feedback so we can tweak everything to meet customers expectations.

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