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Using the EazyVibes website ANYONE who has an interest in making music will be able to make a song in a matter of minutes. We are developing an online marketplace for songwriters and instrumental producers to post their lyrics or instrumentals on the marketplace which will allow other artists to use them. EazyVibes is very simple to use, just go to the website to select the instrumental and lyrics you like, and use your voice to sing!

There is nothing out there to help people make music the way we are, EazyVibes is a one stop shop to make a song. If you want to make your special someone a nice love song, or try to make the next big hit, EazyVibes is here to help you do that.


Anyone using the website has the potential to benefit financially, whether you are the songwriter, instrumental producer or the voice singing the song, all royalties will be split evenly between the three (Voice,Lyrics, and Instrumental) if the song gets enough traction.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The majority of the $5,000 will be to help complete web development and cover some of the cost of the patent when the website is complete.

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