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Echo the In Ear Sonar Device

Echo the In Ear Sonar Device

Nikki Tramper 180 Views

Each day a baby is born without the ability to see the world around them. This is where echo comes in. The in-ear technology is similar to that of how bats locate their food. By submitting a high decible and once recieve the sound waves returned it will alert the user if an object within one foot. There is one other device created similarly for the purpose of science that was never put on the market. Echo would be the only device on the market who provides sonar for those who suffer from visual loss. The barriers would be production and experience for someone as young as myself. I would need experts in the field of bio engineering and contacts within the world of production.


I believe people who suffer from vision loss need a more modern way to view the world without a dog or cane. The echo device would be able to do just that and provide extra comfort and new sense of independence. It would use surround sound to communicate the precise location of the object when within a foot of the person wearing. Not only will the elderly be able to use it but children as well.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I would recruit the team of professionals/investors who are ready to create prototypes. The money would be used to make this life changing idea into a product. A product that can possibly change the world.

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About Nikki Tramper

My name is Nikki Tramper and I am a proud student of Cedar Springs High School. I am a junior at both Cedar Springs as well as Davenport, graduating highschool in 2018 and graduating with my bachelors for buisness administration in 2019. I am a dedicated worker and a creative mind. Thank you

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