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Eco-Friendly Ecommerce that encourages local action.

Eco-Friendly Ecommerce that encourages local action.

Eric Boynton 172 Views
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About Idea

Revigor Marketplace is an e-commerce website that focuses on helping small producers of eco-friendly products grow their businesses. On top of that we encourage our costumers to take action in their every day lives in 3 ways.
1. Buy Local
2. Education
3. Taking action


Environmental Degradation is one of the biggest issues of our generation, we need to take action now in order to ensure survival for our future generations. Not only do we promote small business we encourage our customers to join eco-friendly groups in their area and take action within their communities.

What I Will Do With $5,000

It takes a lot to get the word out and secure vendors as well as building a quality website.

1. Web design services
2. Adverting R&D
3. Lead Generation Campaign
4. Legal Fees

$5,000 of which will come from the funding at 5X5 night and the rest will come from personal funds.

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About Eric Boynton

Entrepreneur who wants to make positive impact on the planet and community.

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