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eCommerce Without The Hassle

eCommerce Without The Hassle

Joshua Spicer-Swett 125 Views

With just one simple meeting to review color scheme and predefined custom layouts new businesses can have an affordable eCommerce website developed and deployed in a matter of hours.  This fast and easy website is not meant to be the ultimate eCommerce site but rather an introduction to market beyond their front doors.  That being said this eCommerce solution supplies more than some home-grown businesses may ever need supporting features such as product browsing, secure checkout, user favorites, order fulfillment, returns, and inventory tracking.


Today a web presence is crucial to the success of any business yet up to 50% of new businesses don’t have a website.  For business owners a website not only allows potential customers to review the company and their products but also expands their customer base to the 4.5 billion users on the internet.  Business owners come from a wide array of backgrounds and may not have the required skills or time to create and manage a full eCommerce website, ultimately hurting their own chances of success.

What I Will Do With $5,000

There are many cost and risks associated with developing software especially ones that handle financial transactions. eCommerce Without The Hassle would use the money for permanent web hosting and demoing of several different eCommerce website options that can be reviewed by prospected clients and to consult with security experts to verify processing payments has no risk to the users of each eCommerce website.

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About Joshua Spicer-Swett

I am a software engineer and development project manager with a masters in information systems from Grand Valley State University. I am always looking for and learning new technologies and methodology improve inefficient processes or create new ones.

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