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eigh thirty seven

eigh thirty seven

Jasmine Childress 430 Views

eight thirty seven will lead with influence to connect creatives to cultivate their craft + career. Supporting creatives in their industry, sparking inspiration + motivation to empower each individual to invest in their development. The most exciting…taking inspiration to a different level + encouraging a collaborative creative culture instead of competition!

The ultimate goal is a building space that is inspirational, promotes collaboration that has the resources for creatives who can rent/subscribe to this space. The roadblock is securing this space! My detour plan, a pop-up/mobile model that is still able to serve the creative community through targeted events.

Specific topics + themes will take place providing value from industry leaders + peers to build your network!

As a creative, I know the importance of inspiration + building your network. I want to merge people + content into one space.


Filling the gap that many creatives face, which is sparking inspiration, finding resources + the importance of building your network. This platform will host creative minds to think strategically, build upon the skills they have + be an influential part of their success.

If you’re a graphic designer, filmmaker, photographer, actor, painter, DJ, (insert creative here) this is for you! Events will be catered to creatives with specific topics + themes to get the creative juices flowing.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will launch the first Inspiration Expo with a specific theme for creatives!

$1,500 venue space
$3,000 mobile installations, online + offline markting efforts
$500 unforseen venue expenses

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About Jasmine Childress

Providing value for each creative one experience + story at a time. I am creative with experience in graphic design. I am looking to create a thriving community for creatives. My vision: merging dope content + people together has become a journey all 2019. I started a diversity + inclusion resource group at my previous company with 35,000+ employees. I served as the VP of Communications of the group, hosting networking events while continuing culture initiatives and D&I efforts.

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