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Electronic Dance Training

Electronic Dance Training

Lamarr Williford 62 Views

Dancing has largely been taught in the same manner for hundreds of years even though there has been a lot of breakthroughs in technology. I believe there is a better (and more fun) way to learn dance. I am looking to invest into the creation of an app and some streaming technologies to help push learning dance into the new millennium. Imagine being able to learn from the privacy of your own home, or being able to learn along side your friends and family. Online classes have made college courses more accessible to many, help me do the same for dance.


As a dance instructor, something I hear often is, “I don’t know how to dance”, “I have two left feet”, etc. I’m hoping to quell some of those fears by making dance easier to learn, and lowering the barrier into starting dance. I feel there is a dance out there for everyone, they just need help finding it. Lowering the bar for students to get started with dance, will promote a healthier lifestyle for most.

What I Will Do With $5,000

This grant would go towards video recording equipment, software, and app development to help deliver this idea for the newer generation of students and instructors.

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About Lamarr Williford

I've developed my skills as an instructor over the past 11 years working for a social dance studio in Chicago called May I Have This Dance, and a studio in Indiana called GoDance. I've worked with some of the most talented and challenged students, and have seen both develop into competent, confident dancers.

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