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Emerge Clothing Company

Emerge Clothing Company

Janelle Cole 117 Views

This idea is exciting because it challenges the way women are marketed to in the fashion industry. Instead of giving women an image to look up to and praise, we are opening the door for real women to be displayed and praised. Our pieces are named after and modeled by real women. Thus, giving them a platform to display confidence and leave whatever mark the want on the world.
Online shopping has become increasing popular and many may not understand the effect under representation can have on women as they shop. Without noticing, women can begin to feel a sense of envy, and lack of self confidence. Our goal is to avoid choosing a certain standard of a woman to model, and promote women of all shapes, shades, and uniqueness.
We offer a limited color scheme and recognize how much women love different colors to express themselves. On our social platforms we will welcome women to “show us how they emerge”, by mixing our pieces together with other clothes they own. Individuality displayed.


Women who have been affected by fashion marketing online and social media will benefit the most from this store. It serves as a healthy way to view themselves and other women. We have strategized our structure so that women will understand they are not in competition with one another. By encouraging individualism, we are aiding women in staying true to themselves, even if they can’t find anyone who will agree with them. This has the potential to create a better environment for women globally.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the grant, we can focus on finding our first group of women to be displayed on our website. Find and pay for areas to rent for photo shoots, and give them the clothing piece that will be named after them. We will also market to a vast majority of our target market with funds. That way, the good new about healthy shopping is on it’s way to girls globally. It will take care of all set up, and decoration cost, so are women have a excellent appearance on the platform we provide.

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