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Equity Cafe

Equity Cafe

Arick Davis 434 Views

All of the people that support Equity Cafe will actually have ownership in it. We are not just another company coming into your neighborhood thinking that we know what will work best. The Equity Cafe model gives people a say in business decisions that affect their community. If we are successful, it will shift the way that society engages with the organizations that impact our day-to-day lives.

There are currently no other businesses that use blockchain technology to share equity with their customers. Nor are there any other coffee shops able to efficiently implement customer opinions regarding the direction of their business.

Our current roadblocks involve navigating the state, federal and international regulations regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As these laws become more defined and structured, we can help shape the future by exampling a safe and secure use-case for using blockchain technology to empower communities right here in Grand Rapids.


We would like to open this coffee shop in an area of town where it can serve our most marginalized communities and provide them an opportunity to invest in their neighborhood by simply buying coffee. This gives them a voice in business decisions that affect their community in a completely transparent way. The adaptation of blockchain will help us solicit instantaneous input. The heart of this idea is rooted in making equity accessible to all people. Businesses no longer need to harbor capital.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$2500 - For legal consultation regarding the state and federal rules and regulations about blockchain technology
$1000 - Social media advertising to generate interest in our idea
$500 - To work with local influencers that will help us make connections in our community
$500 - To work with blockchain & crypto influencers that will help us educate the public
$500 - Offline advertising for various print and promotional items when we attend events or conferences.

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About Arick Davis

My passion is technology & innovation. The reality that we can create something that drastically changes our way of life inspires me. The art of putting ideas together & the grind of solving an impossible problem is what drives me. Also, I think that we could all do a little more to make the world a better place. When I have a "good" idea I can't make my brain leave it alone until it is thoroughly proven impossible. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet.

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