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Even Up

Even Up

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EvenUp is a new platform that allows individuals to donate their spare change from every purchase they make using their debit & credit cards to the charities they want to support.  When registering on the EvenUp site users securely connect any bank accounts & credit cards they wish, then select the charity they want their change to support.  The EvenUp technology rounds up every purchase the user makes until that rounded up change equals $5.  The funds are transferred from the individual’s bank account to the charity’s bank account.  Individuals can choose to donate all of their rounded up change in a month, or limit it to a maximum amount.  Users also have complete visibility to how much money they have donated throughout the month & year, so they know exactly how much they’ve donated and how close they are to their next $5. Users will automatically have a tax receipt at the end of the year to write off the full amount of their tax deductible donations.  Connect.Spend.Give…EvenUp


For charities, EvenUp provides a new way to raise support from individuals who may want to donate, but aren’t financial able to make a large donation. 100 individuals donating their monthly change through EvenUp would bring approximately $30,000 to the charity in just one year. The impact is also for individuals who have causes they want to support. Donating spare change is a concept that they can commit to starting the upward spiral for someone to do their part to make the world a better place.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Security/privacy are critical when dealing with peoples financial data. The funds would allow us to obtain the best insurance coverage to protect against cyber criminals.  The money would also allow us to hire a contracted web developer to help finalize the website and let us launch sooner.  We currently have numerous organizations interested in partnering with us, we want to get out there & help the community connect with possible donors. This money will help us with our final push to launch!

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About Phil Sweeney

I am the Co-Founder of Even Up Funding. I thought of this idea on a way home from a golf trip in Memphis, Tennessee. The idea came to me while reading a story on a little girl battling cancer. She had a change bucket next to the cash register. I was 1 of 9 people who paid cash in the line while I was there and the only person able to donate to help her with her battle. I was the Head Golf Coach at the time at Davenport University. I currently work as the Head Hockey Coach at Davenport

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