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Every Moment Matters Always Social Event Management

Every Moment Matters Always Social Event Management

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Each dance will have a live dj, games and activities, raffles giveaways, food, and entertainment. Each dance will also have a different theme. A lot of the competition like airtime, Airtime and Dave busters provides lots of gaming and activities, but what I see there or even when I take my kids I find myself sitting at the table or just watching them play because of the cost and that’s not even including the additional food charge. With us creating these settings to have multiple families and friends sharing time and communication while eating and having fun together for a affordable cost, is what separates us from the competition.


Children benefits the most from these events. Statistics have shown families that communicate and have a social bond, the children grows up with a smaller percentage rate of criminal activity and larger percentage rate in becoming more successful. It starts with these types of events to build those strong relationships in a family.

What I Will Do With $5,000

5,000 I can buy me a laptop and printer that will help create flyers and tickets to eliminate the fee of paying someone else. Also pay off my venue spaces up to a year and manage my business social media accounts to promote and advertise to get more people involved.

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I’m 27 years old with a Associate Degree in Human Service. I have a 7 years old son and a 5 years old daughter. I love spending time and money on them within my budget. Close to my family such as mom, dad, grandparents, cousins. Very family oreinted. I’ve been doing family events since 2016 with the inspiration of my grandmother Emma who is a cancer survivor and always loved to have family over her house to eat and dance. So I’ve decided to make that a bigger purpose for us and other families.

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