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There are a lot of stores online that allow people to express themselves on their clothing, via printed-on slogans, memes, geek-friendly graphics, images from their favorite TV, film or gaming franchises and even entirely customized graphics and text that they design themselves. But all of these companies limit themselves to very basic sizes (generally not above 2X) and by going with the basic crew-neck t-shirt style - a style which is entirely uncomfortable and unflattering for many plus-sized women. The intent of Femme-Locution is to give those same expressive options to the millions of women who are unserved by the existing stores, featuring the same kind of novelty and decorated shirts in sizes and styles which plus-sized women would wear with or without a meme on it - in other words, in sizes and styles that will actually look good on them.


Business Insider estimates women in sizes 14-34 make up approximately 67 percent of women in the U.S., totaling more than 100 million women being ignored by the bulk of the fashion industry. WIRED magazine reports that, according to a clothing industry trade publication, Americans spend around $40 billion a year on decorated apparel. And yet, no one is putting those two markets together, making novelty & decorated apparel specifically for plus-sized women. Just in the U.S. that’s a huge market.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Nearly every penny would go into creating product for sale - with a small amount set aside for packaging, shipping, and payment processing fees. I am a web designer with an existing hosting account, access to free web tools and a knowledge of online marketing techniques, so I will manage all operations myself. I intend to find a local textile company to work with on designing/making the apparel and to find the least expensive option (buying or hiring out) to do the image/text printing.

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About Katherine Williams

I am a freelance writer & webmaster (among other gig work). I have been an Ebay seller for 15 years. I have run various small business over the years, from being a distributor for collapsible shipping creates to baking/selling gourmet cupcakes based on cocktails. I am also an advocate for body-positivity, sex-positivity and ethical humanism. I want to spread intersectional products & services that bring equal opportunity for happiness, expression & entertainment to as many people as possible.

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