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Fight for your Fitness

Fight for your Fitness

Terrell Bowden 117 Views

There are fitness centers that get you in shape, there are martial arts schools that teach you how to fight, and there are health stores, but never has it all been in one spot. The focus is to get you fight ready, in shape to fight and with the ability to defend yourself if a situation arises. Also it will double as a mini health store with nutritional food and beverages that you can purchase for nutritional purposes that helps to amke the work out more effective. Everything will be legit and more affordable so that even those more financially challenged can live a healthy life.


The commoners. Good people just living their every day lives. In this increasingly dangerous world with muggins, and shootings it’s good to be prepared. If anything they’ll learn situational awareness so as to not get caught in a confrontation when things begin to escalate. If involved they can come out alive, and if never in an altercation then they can benefit from the health benefits and nutritional advise that we have to better their life by increasing energy, strength, focus, and stamina.

What I Will Do With $5,000

A Martial Arts, Fighting Meets Fitness Seminar. 3 seminars, 1 for men only, 1 for women only, and another geared towards children 13 and under. The adult seminars will be all about nutrition and working out and some self defense moves highlighted with some Martial Arts and fitness demonstration of the craft. The children will be highlighted by their participation, running around and trying out kicks and punches in a safe environment. Highlighted again by demonstration of interesting fitnes feats

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