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Financially Free Academy

Financially Free Academy

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Financially Free Academy is a complete and ready-to-use personal finance education solution for young adults between the ages of 16 and 36.  The information and inspiration jammed packed into each lesson will shift their money mindsets and place them on track to living a life free of financial burdens, debt, and hardship.  This website and hub will house the individual membership portals for a three-track financial academy.  The Strong Foundations Part I is an engaging 12-module personal finance curriculum that teaches high school students practical and relevant money management skills.  Strong Foundations Part II is an engaging 8- module personal finance curriculum that teaches college students practical and relevant money management skills. The Financially Free Academy is an 8-module personal finance course for emerged adults who are in need of financial coaching and guidance to achieve their financial goals and attain financial freedom.


There is an overwhelming need for a comprehensive personal finance curriculum for high school and college students.  And mature young adults who did not receive a proper financial foundation are in need of financial coaching and counseling.  Financially Free Academy will serve as the ultimate solution for them.  Moreover, parents, high schools, colleges, club/organization leaders, and employers now have a complete and ready-to-use solution for their children, members, students, and employees.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Funding will be used for website build-out ($2000), textbook/workbook creation and distribution ($1000), marketing/advertising ($500), on-boarding/training of customer service virtual assistants ($500), and consulting for content development ($500).  All leftover funding will go towards unforeseen expenses.

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About Tara Jones

The creator of this online academy, Tara Jones, is a Financial Coach and Educator who specialize in working with and empowering millennial audiences. She is also the founder of, a personal finance and lifestyle blog. She has made it her life’s mission to assist as many people as she can to attain financial freedom so they can afford the lifestyles they desire. Tara Jones resides in Grand Rapids with her vibrant and energetic daughter, Taryn.

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