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Finding My Future

Finding My Future

Dana Roefer 458 Views

The most excited part of the Finding My Future program is when young people walk into the session with the weight of the world on their shoulders, then they leave with the weight lifted. They are encouraged, excited, and inspired for the future and their role in it.

There are many expectations upon young people, good grades, good college, good job, etc. Yet, this cultural script is leaving them completely overwhelmed and stressed. FMF helps young people to take ownership of their future, and to begin determining their own path, not necessarily the one others have laid ahead of them.

Targeted programs, in this format, with this content, do not exist today, thus, educating the consumers on it’s necessity and gaining their awareness and interest is the most difficult part. This is a challenge, but certainly not insurmountable. The warmest leads have been the schools and ministries as they recognize that they are not doing this work and that it is critical.


Young people are the beneficiaries of FMF, we are empowering them to take ownership of their future, and giving them the freedom to discover their unique contribution. They are completely overwhelmed doing all the things they are “supposed to do”, when those actions are often disconnected from their actual life.

We envision FMF being to young people finding purpose, calling, and direction, what Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is to individuals trying to overcome financial difficulty.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5K grant will be used to create the Finding My Future workbook and videos. We have interest from many ministries, Universities, Colleges, and High Schools. Having the workbook / instructional videos completed will allow us to move to the next level in scaling the business.

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About Dana Roefer

I am obsessed with guiding individuals to their best possible life. First, for kids, I am co-Founder of Journey Academy and the Grand Rapids Children's Business Fair, both growing, non-profit organizations that help kids discover who they are and what they capable of (hint* they are capable of WAY more than we expect). Second, I am a certified LifePlan facilitator, guiding working adults to purpose and clarity in all areas of their lives.

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