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Flavored paata

Flavored paata

Kenneth McCallum 205 Views

After trying flavored pasta from different places, and being disappointed, I decided to make my own and the outcome has been fantastic! The flavor is much more prominent than any others I’ve tried.
My current roadblocks are a lack of equipment to keep up with production needs and securing a building that is not shared with others - which makes it hard to work around my full time job and work in production time.
Once I’m able to produce based on just my schedule I’ll be able to double, maybe triple, my production and exposure. Even with current roadblocks I’ve been able to increase my sales by 300% so far this year over last.
I have built a repeat customer base that loves the product and I believe this could become my full time work. I love making a product that people enjoy and will continue to enter new stores (I’m in 4 specialty stores so far) to make that happen.


People looking for specialty foods will benefit by adding a new, delicious element to their meals. My current employee will benefit by gaining more hours, allowing her to enjoy more income. I will benefit by being able to work for myself, doing something I love to create and getting out of fast food after 34 years.
The lives of my family would change from increased income and more free time to spend together.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I will use the money to
1. Purchase a proof box to double my production capacity from 20# to 40# each time.
2. Purchase a larger mixer to be able to produce more product in less time.
3. Secure a facility to produce on my own schedule.

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