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FLEX Charge

FLEX Charge

Lamar Manning 309 Views

The FLEX charger will help save people money and will add more durability to cell phone chargers. If you’re like my family and go through 4 to 5 chargers a year, the FLEX charger is for you. There is nothing like it on the market for any charger.  There will no longer be a need to purchase a new charger four times a year. Currently,time is our only road block.


I believe any and everybody that owns a cellphone will benefit from my design. The convenience of having a reliable phone charger. A lot of cheap cell phone chargers can cause accidents do to faulty wiring. Do to the flexible joint and support system that will be created for my design, it will prevent accidents caused by substandard components in a cheap charger. My charger will be affordable and will prevent accidents caused by faulty phone cords.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The 5,000 will be used to get my idea off the ground. I have to invest in the Flex charger design meaning the proper material needed to create charger. I have to purchase the components samples. The 5,000 will be part of the start up funds.

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About Lamar Manning

I am Lamar Manning, I am a father of 3. I enjoy creating logo's and screen printing on my down time. I spend time with my love ones. I do commercial painting for a living. I am a believer of dreaming and pursuing my ideas. I am not afraid of failure, if I fall you can count on me to get back up. I am a entrepreneur and I believe in myself, children and my dreams.

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