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This product promotes safety. It is different because no bulb offers what this product does. Not only is it intelligent but it is energy savings and has many settings to fit your needs. Getting the product out in the market is difficult but finding the right marketing strategies and targeting niche markets is my plan.


Bulb was designed to fill a “safety gap” which exists when “power goes out” practice is for people to use portable generators candles and flashlights those have their inherent risks of fire, grounding issues, carbon monoxide ad such. This provides you an opportunity to somewhat keep thing functioning normally until power returns this bulb was designed to operate any where in the world off their respective power provider listed capability.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Invest in marketing and expand ideas for new products in the home safety market. Reach out to local community heads and let them know about the benefits and how the product fills a void in home safety so people are aware of the benefits.

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Live in Grand Rapids, MI Husband, father of 3 great kids and very active in community and sports. Coach Varsity Boys Golf

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