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Fluent Find

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Living in Madrid, time with local friends helped me become fluent in Spanish. When you have fun with others in another language, your brain catches on quicker! There are plenty of free apps to try learning a language. Some connect you with a person abroad to teach you via video chat . But strangely, few options exist to link you in-person! Almost 40 million visitors and 1 million international students arrive to the US each year, and the number of US students studying abroad increases by 4% each year! Big cities offer diversity of languages, but even in Iowa City, I was paid to meet with a local who wanted me to pass on my Spanish skills to him. Unlike Meetup, our connection was one to one,more engaged, and fun as we tried new restaurants around town each week. Assuring a safe user experience and operating an on-demand algorithm to match supply and demand will be challenging. With profile screening, ratings, and adequate programming, Fluent Find will be the Uber model for languages.


Former study abroad students wishing to sharpen skills, current foreign students looking to live like locals, tourists hoping to make the most of time, and others learn in-person cheaper than classes and more effective than online lessons. Businesses and cultural groups benefit by promoting events as locations for language encounters. Normal people earn helping others learn languages as Uber revolutionized sharing a ride. One day travel could be cheap knowing where your fluency is in demand!

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5,000 would help me get a very basic MVP up and running. I am bootstrapping the project on my own with the business knowledge I have and funds saved up. I would at least be able to customize, host, and launch a matching style web site template that would show proof of concept in the marketplace. Apart from the money, winning competitions like 5X5 will help prove the validity and commitment I have to the idea, which I hope will soon attract and persuade a technical co-founder to join my team.

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