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Fluent Find

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I lived in Spain for 2 years and never considered teaching English there until local friends said I just needed to have conversations with students!  Many people have years experience with language classes, but just need to gain confidence and accent improvement by speaking with a fluent speaker. After moving back to the US, I saw similar demand and was paid to converse in Spanish to help someone who felt stuck in the skill level his language apps were able to get him to. These apps are great to get started, but there are few that make you speak with a real person. Most try to connect you via video call with someone abroad, but what about one that finds people near you? Similar competitors don’t offer guidance or activity to frame the language encounter, so meetings can be awkward and give little reason for native speakers to join. It will be challenging to get an approved teacher base available on demand, but I will do it through a city by city approach with financial incentives.


We help bring cultures together in an area in order to learn from each other. Whether it be a former study abroad student or someone who likes to travel, now you can learn in-person cheaper than formal classes and more effective than online lessons. Fluent speakers make some side money for speaking a demanded language while having fun! Businesses and cultural groups also benefit by promoting events as locations for language encounters. This can be scaled globally and even change how we travel.

What I Will Do With $5,000

My MVP is up and running soon and I need to gain users for my test market in Grand Rapids. $1000 will go towards Facebook, Instagram, and other online advertisements that will allow me to pinpoint specific target groups like those who already say they like DuoLingo or study another language. $4000 will go towards a city ambassador growth model where locals send me cultural events or local activities can get a commission when they are later attended by groups, as well as when teachers sign up.

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