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Fluent Find

Fluent Find

Jake Deutmeyer 1903 Views
This idea was a winner! Jake Deutmeyer was awarded $5,000 in November 2018

About Idea

Learning a language can be done in many ways, yet progress is often made the fastest when you are practicing in person with a fluent speaker. How do you find someone near you that knows the language and meet in a way that isn’t awkward? Fluent Find is the only place that allows people to list events in their community as a setting for language practice and offer an on-demand matching service to a fluent speaker who will meet at the event. This is more dynamic than practicing with a robot on an app, cheaper than getting a professional tutor or official classes, and more customized to your schedule than free language groups or meetups. While security may be a concern when meeting strangers, our fluent speakers are independent contractors who go through a complete background check before being approved. Learners and fluent speakers give their level of fluency and are matched based on availability and compatibility. Fluent speakers earn an hourly rate based on local demand and experience.


Cities are given an incentive to be diverse in languages through Fluent Find, and people are rewarded for their knowledge that they share with learners. This exchange of knowledge can help bring communities together, for example, uniting the Hispanic community in and around Grand Rapids with language learners (like many attending the 5x5 night) of Spanish. New jobs are created in the gig economy and local events are given additional promotion. This can be scaled to world cities.

What I Will Do With $5,000

$5,000 will help me launch a 6 month PPC ad campaign to drive user sign up on my site and track performance. Some small budget ads have helped draw in fluent speakers for the supply side, but the learner/demand side has been my biggest challenge in growing. $2700 will be targeted to a Google Ads campaign where 10% CTR is projected, $1000 for YouTube campaign with 2-4% CTR, and $800 for Facebook where I have seen about 1-2% CTR on previous ads. $500 will go to the creation of a marketing video.

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