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Focus on your Finances

Focus on your Finances

Dondrea Brown 252 Views

My idea is to provide intentional and meaningful financial literacy for young adults. I am excited to motivate, inspire, and equip young adults with resources to break the cycle of poverty.
This is different from other competitors because embedded in my financial education, activities, and curriculum are cultural, historical, and social teachings. I am not just providing information, but I am helping to build socially and financially responsible young adults. We are taking a holistic approach, these relevant activities will help students build self-awareness while empowering them to make healthy financial decisions. There is a difference between knowing and doing. Students will learn that their are important decisions behind every dollar.
The most obvious roadblock is the misconception behind financial education. There is a strong sense that our community needs financial education, but we are waiting for the state mandates and schools to address this issue. Stop waiting. 


Students who are interested, resilient, and determined to utilize strategies to become financially independent, invest in their future, and adopted healthy financial behaviors will benefit. Instead of acquiring debt from student loans or credit cards, they will know how to increase their income and invest. Also, families will benefit because they will see how healthy financial behaviors are modeled. They will also be inspired to talk about money and ways to make healthy financial decisions.

What I Will Do With $5,000

The funds will be used to purchase financial tools and resources. Funds will be used to do the following: Purchase financial planners, so students can learn how to create financial goals, record and track spending. Purchase money banks/organizers for students to organize their money into spend, share, save categories. Incentivize students to participate ( Purchase Nope. I’m not buying that. #Focusedonmyfinances t-shirts to embrace making healthy financial decisions.

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About Dondrea Brown

I grew up in a single-parent household with five siblings. Witnessing my mother work long hours to make ends meet, not only changed my life, but it laid the foundation for my desire to help others take control of their finances. As an NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor and owner of 1428 Financial Wellness, I provide Culturally Responsive Financial Literacy individuals and families which results in decreased debt, healthy financial behavior, and foundations for generational wealth.

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