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Food Feels Flava (FFF)

Food Feels Flava (FFF)

Jhaelynn Elam 1509 Views

About Idea

Food Feels Flava is an organization that offers group travel centered around food experiences. Instead of food being the accessory to a trip, we have made it the priority.  While traveling, we urge individuals to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. Our goal is to provide experiences that send you home with a new and refreshed mindset, these trips are really about gaining new perspective.

The current competition only exists in the form of general travel experiences or local food tours; there are none that merge the two. Combining these efforts is what makes our idea so unique. Additionally, our social media outlets serve as a resource for all things food and travel. Through blogging and connecting with our community, we are able to share some really cool perspectives on the food industry and travel. By engaging individuals who are foodies, food professionals and travel enthusiasts; we are also able to provide some interesting yet reliable information.


The impact of our idea will greatly benefit individuals who have the desire to travel and immerse themselves in something new. Individuals who sometimes need a mental reset while also engaging their inner adventurer.  We provide pre-planned experiences fully equipped with itineraries that are sure to send our clients home happy. Additionally, the social media aspect of our business, will allow local businesses in the Grand Rapids area to get their businesses in front of a variety of audiences.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With the $5,000, I will be able to grow my social media platforms by producing great video content with local food businesses. I will also use the money to create and develop merchandise that will also help generate more funds for the business. Lastly, the money will afford me the opportunity to plan another food experience. Our experiences are pre-planned and hand picked. With the $5,000, we will be able to plan, schedule and reserve in advance all of the excursions for our next big trip.

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About Jhaelynn Elam

I am currently a Sensory Scientist for a Michigan based consumer goods company. I have a bachelor degree in Food Science and Biology, and a master’s degree in Food Science. Food has always been a passion of mine, which is why I decided to study it. Close to the completion of my master's program, I launched Food Feels Flava (FFF). During the fall of 2017 I hosted my first food experience trip to Montreal. This was such an amazing experience and I can't wait to share this with the world!

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