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Food For THOT

Food For THOT

Laureen Horan 854 Views

Sex and sexuality is an intrinsic and prominent component in the human experience, yet social stigma exists against many forms of consensual sex. While “Cosmopolitan” exists to tantalize with their bedroom techniques and dieting tips, Food For THOT will open up an intellectual and candid discussion about sex that anyone can relate to in a safe space, free of judgement. Food For THOT will shatter the stigma surrounding polyamory/non-monogamy, pornography and sex work, the history and politics of gender ideals and sexual expectations,  and the medical and scientific sides of gender and sexuality in an effort to normalize consensual sex and remove the shame that many people feel for their very natural desires and instincts. Food For THOT is a podcast that is still in the production stages, but currently exists as a Facebook group with hundreds of members who are eagerly anticipating this series and have learned so much and made major, positive changes in their lives and relationships.


THOT is an acronym for “That hoe over there,” aimed at sexually liberated, confident women who are true to themselves. Orgasms are not a bad thing, science proves that everyone really COULD benefit from having more of them! FFT will reclaim derogatory terms like THOT and hoe and prove that sexual liberation and anatomically conscious sexual education would help everyone be true to themselves and live a more honest and confident life with better intimate relationships.

What I Will Do With $5,000

As a journalist, I am connecting with experts in the fields of sexual health and wellness. The ability to compensate them for their participation and time would help me gain the traction and attention needed to make the podcast/web series really take off. Not everyone has health insurance, people deserve to have trustworthy information about their sexual health from doctors and professionals who can validate and guide people who may not be able to seek help otherwise.

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