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What’s exciting about our project is that it uses solar power to help poor smallholders farmers in Africa store their produce. FoodHubs gets its energy source from solar panels which are placed on the roof-top of the cold room and which feeds power to high capacity batteries, which supplies an inverter which in turn powers the refrigerating unit.

Farmers currently store their produce in plastics, clothes, dry or wet leaves to avoid waste. Obvious road blocks include access to very rural areas/farm settlements in Africa but we have a wide network of agricultural extension agents and government agencies we work with who can help us navigate this difficulty.


Smallholders farmers/traders benefit most from our idea. The project will improve their lives and help them escape a vicious poverty cycle. We offer our beneficiaries a reduction in food waste by as much as 80%, increase in their income by 50% and extension of the shelf life of their produce by 2 - 21 days.

What I Will Do With $5,000

We will build a mini food hub that can impact 1,000 farmers/traders on a daily basis with the impact highlighted above. The Hub will be located in a rural farm area in Nigeria.

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About Oluwamayowa Salu

I am an unrepentant changemaker. I have over 7 years working to end poverty and promote specific goals of the SDGs. I am equally a UNLEASH the SDGs fellow, a Mandela Washington Fellow, a Commonwealth Professional Fellow, a SET Africa Fellow, and a Carrington Youth Fellow.

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