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Forgive Everyone Co.

Forgive Everyone Co.

Skyler Rich 755 Views

600,000 men and women return from prison EVERY YEAR! Society’s perception of these individuals and their treatment of them greatly affects their ability to succeed in society. Forgive Everyone Co is here to change public perception around this issue. We sell clothing with the message of forgiveness front and center. All of our designs are designed by currently incarcerated people, formerly incarcerated people, or criminal justice reform advocates. Every single shirt we sell comes with a full printed story of a man or woman who has been incarcerated and is experiencing the re-entry process. Additionally, 20% of our proceeds are donated to non-profits working on the ground to provide housing, employment, rehabilitation, and mentorship to help individuals succeed upon reentry into society. There is not a single other brand or cohesive social movement dedicated to these issues and therefore there is no competition.


The formerly incarcerated population benefits most from my idea. By changing peoples hearts and minds one story at a time, peoples voting decisions, hiring decisions, renting decisions, and more can all potentially be altered. The clothing market is massive and trends are showing more people prefer spending money with brands with a social cause behind them. Additionally, our target market, men and women aged 20-35, are becoming increasingly passionate about criminal justice reform.

What I Will Do With $5,000

I have begun to move all of my production in house, driving down my costs and increasing my margins greatly. I have taught myself to screenprint over the past 8 months and have outgrown my small DIY setup in my garage. I would invest the $5000 into a more robust, multi-station screen printing press and a conveyor drying unit. This would allow me to keep up with the increasing demand and expand my business greatly.

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