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Fortune’s Favor

Fortune’s Favor

Jeremy Scharphorn 638 Views

Fortune’s Favor (FF) aims to revolutionize the next era in real-time strategy games. It has many unique gameplay mechanics which set it apart.

i. Traditions System
Faction bonuses in an RTS often leads to problems, such as cheaper boats on a map with no water. Instead, players of FF choose traditions throughout the match which offer similar bonuses found in other games. Thus, allowing for more player choice and replayability.

ii. Government and Religion System
Both governments and religions are important to keep the people happy and gain extra bonuses. This adds two new levels of strategy and more player choice.

iv. Combat
Armies need to keep in mind the terrain, weather, and supply lines into account before going to war.

v. Win Conditions
Most of the ways to win the game are peaceful. They can be combined or done individually. They are:
  A. Civic objectives
  B. Cities
  C. Territory
  D. Research

Our team is working on a demo to raise funds to complete the game.


The typical RTS game has fast-paced gameplay and only military victories. This alienates many players. FF mixes RTS, grand strategy, and city-builder mechanics to create a unique experience for every player. These new levels of strategy and varied paths to victory make it more alluring to a much larger player base. Furthermore, the game takes place from the Mesolithic era to the Medieval age. Players of all ages will be able to learn a lot about human development throughout these periods.

What I Will Do With $5,000

Winning the $5,000 would allow our sixteen member team to get this project off the ground. With our winnings, we would hire a small business attorney and become a legal entity with the State of Michigan, file trademarks with the USPTO and hire an employer attorney in order to create contracts and ensure tax compliance with our overseas employees. Additionally, we would purchase quickbooks, JIRA (for project management), another domain, a new website, and quadruple the storage on our server.

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About Jeremy Scharphorn

I am the project lead and game designer working FF and I have been game designing for over ten years. I have a bachelor's degree in history and English teaching from GVSU. After teaching for two years in public schools I decided to switch gears and get into game development. Over the past three years I've been an assistant manager in a 10k+ member gaming community, and worked as a content creator and consultant for several indie video game companies including Periscope and Offworld Industries.

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