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FounderCo gives founders of startups and small businesses resources that include educational content, mentors, and peer to peer groups to allow founders to grow themselves and their businesses.

We’ve been holding meetups since February 2019 to gauge interest from founders and to see where we can provide value. At the same time, we want to bring entrepreneurial ecosystems together and breakdown the barriers that create silos.

In the fall, we want to launch a new model where partner organizations host their own FounderCo meetups with FounderCo providing all of the content and resources needed for one of the meetups of the month. For the second meetup of the month, FounderCo hosts the meetup itself and brings together all of the partner organizations and founders of the ecosystem.

So far, we have had about 20 founders per meetup, and have a handful of organizations ready to become partner organizations.


Founders of businesses and organizations with entrepreneurs are our impact.
For founders, we give them resources with educational sessions, mentors, and the ability to work with peers on the problems they are facing.

For organizations, we give them the ability to serve their entrepreneurs better and give them a plethora of resources. It gives them standard, easy to put on events, and a way for their organization to have an incubator without all of the hassle.

What I Will Do With $5,000

With $5,000, we would be able to get the equipment needed to livestream the education sessions during meetups, create online resources for founders and organizations, and officially launch in the fall with this new model of FounderCo.

With this seed money, FounderCo can launch a model that not only helps the West Michigan entrepreneurial ecosystem, but also can scale into entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.

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About Matt Gira

Matt is the founder of FounderCo and was one of the co-founders at Fathom. At Fathom, Matt was part of the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, was the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Hope College, and was part of the Techstars Mobility Class of 2017.

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